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'Mental Absolution' (CD)


A physical copy of Zephyra´s debut album; 'Mental Absolution'.



”That's the beauty of this album. The direction is changed on you at a moments notice.
A solid debut full album glistening with classic, thrash and power influences but made better with the split vocals.”
Legalalien - Black Phoenix Rising (10/10)

"The album is filled with tracks that twist and turn you at a moments notice in a whole new direction. A diverse and accomplished body of work, the album feels modern and fresh, but with classic thrash and melodic elements. Åsa's split vocals are quite simply the cherry on top of the cake. A really brilliant album which is testament to the hard work that has been put into it and has definitely been well worth the wait!" 
Emma Sheridan - Femetalism

”If you like metal with clean and growly vocals, with a loadsa melody thrown into the mix for good measure, may I offer you a word of advice,
buy this when it´s released.” 
Dave Smith - Ravenheart Music (9/10)

”The quartet shows a fine work on their debut, being somewhat different many bands because the use of calm and tender female vocals amongst the harsh and guttural screams and grunts in different, and in the case, Åsa Netterbrant’s voice is extremely good and sounds great to us.”
Marcos Garcia - Metal-Temple (8/10)

Track list: 
1. Imprisoned Queen
2. Forced Family 
3. Not Without My Scars
4. Lies And Deceit 
5. Emotional Surgery
6. Kiss The Abyss 
7. Schizophrenic Sanity
8. Atychiphobia 
9. Mandatory Meltdown
10. Release My Anger 
11. In My Veins

Produced by: Jonathan Mazzeo
Engineered, recorded and mixed by: Jonathan Mazzeo at Mathlab Recording Studio 
Studio assistant: Lorenzo Guddemi
Mastered by: Christian Donaldson at The Grid, Montreal, Canada

A&R: Carlo Bellotti 
Photos by: Poul and Lena Sanver at Sanver Studios (
Artwork and layout: Lena Sanver 
Model: Veronica Ojanen
Band logo: Black Sails Design